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July 6-16, 2010
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colorado springs per diem nursing
Located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Traveling Nurses has many opportunities for permanent placement in Colorado nursing jobs.

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Per Diem Medical Staffing / Traveling Nurses is ready to serve you

Traveling Nurses of Colorado has been in partnership with Healthcare Professionals since 1977. We specialize in providing personalized service to both the healthcare professional and the facility client.

Per diem nursing jobs

We specialize in Per Diem Nursing Jobs in hospitals, LTC, DOC, clinics and in-home care for adults with disabilities. We also offer a Senior Assistance Program. Traveling Nurses of Colorado Springs is independently owned, operated and fully insured.

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Travel nursing means opportunity

The travel nursing industry is packed full of opportunity and benefits. It is one of the very few jobs that allow you to grow your career while traveling the countryside. And you can work from a location of your choice! We are happy to serve those new to travel nursing as well as traveling nurses looking for better opportunities.

Temp to Hire

In addition to Per Diem nursing opportunities, we offer permanent or temporary-to-permanent nursing positions in the Colorado Springs area.

Located in scenic Colorado Springs, Traveling Nurses is in the shadow of Pikes Peak and the home of the US Air Force Academy. The travel division recruiters are available Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (GMT).

Our professional recruiters are available to answer questions and to help facilitate the travel adventure of a lifetime. CALL TOLL FREE 800-765-4776

Senior Assistance

Our Senior Assistance Program offers a variety of options at an affordable cost, including Certified Medical Professionals, 24 hour on call support, companions, free consultations and customized programs.

General Service Administration opportunities

gsa approved nursing contractTraveling Nurses has continuous opportunities across the nation with over 1100 government agencies GSA includes VA hospitals and clinics. We work with all branches of the U.S. Military. Contracts can range from short term (13 weeks) to long term employment of 1-5 years. GSA website »

per diem nursing
Looking for just a few hours of work or several months? Traveling Nurses has the perfect per diem solution for you.
travel nursing
Feel like skiing or lying by the beach? From Alaska to Florida, choose your adventure!
colorado springs nursing positions
Ready to lay down some roots? Many travel nursing jobs can evolve into permanent positions.
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